Safe driving with EPGS

A company car driver – how to rate him?

More and more organizations begin to check not only if the driver has a driving license and other relevant documents but also a level of skills and ability of safe driving. Many firms are concerned about employees and that is why they enroll their workers on special safe and eco driving courses. But unfortunately, it usually ends at this point and no more actions are being held by an employer later.

That is why we offer you, as external specialists, the Employee Periodic Grading System(EPGS). It is about checking and marking the safe and eco driving level of company car driver.

Grade has three targets: motivation, correction and development.

Skills of driver are checked and marked during real traffic ride. Coach corrects the driver and tells him what mistakes he did and how dangerous they were. The ride is recorded by a system of cameras. Then, films and  report card constitute a basis for ending developing speech and preparation of the report.

While verifying company drivers skills we focus on a correct behavior behind the steering wheel and we try to strengthen good habits. We also take notice of mistakes that drivers make and we help in eliminating them in order to raise the level of employee safety while driving.