Driving - do not use your phone

Scientific research, analyzes and police statistics show that using a loudspeaker or headphone system is equally dangerous as talking on phone kept in hand. It is not because of phone lying in our hands but it is cognitive overload that is responsible for distracting the driver.

This statement is also confirmed by ARC Rynek and Opinia research provided for TU UNIQA. They show that…


Program objective:

Company drivers safety level increase obtained by:

  • Making drivers aware of threats that are followed by lack of concentration while driving.
  • Making drivers aware of threats resulting from talking on the phone while driving. It lengthens the reaction time and interferes the perception of surrounding.
  • Paying attention on “inattention blindness”, which makes driver look at the road but not notice what happens on and around it.

There is a possibility of fitting the topics and the length of workshops to the organization needs.