Night Driver

Our experience shows that driving after dark is much more difficult than during the day. Drivers working during the night may have problems with the correct assessment of the situation on the road. Another element of raising the risk of driving at night is tiredness. Drowsiness decreases speed of the reaction and has a negative effect on concentration. In response to this problems, we have a program that is aimed at fleet drivers performing their duties well in the evening and night.

Objectives of the program:
Increasing driver’s safety by:

  • familiarizing them with the constraints that occur when driving at night or in poor visibility;
  • familiarizing them with the rules of acting while driving at night and in weather conditions of limited visibility;
  • understanding the relationship between knowledge of traffic rules and appropriate behaviour when driving at night, in fog and during precipitation;
  • explaining the relationship between drivers abilities, their disposition, technical condition of the vehicle and the correct preparation of the vehicle to drive, and the level of safety;
  • shaping the attitude of a conscious driver responsible for his own safety as well as for other road users;
  • shaping the belief that security depends primarily on the driver.


There are also  some possibilities of matching the subject matter and duration of the workshop to Your organization.