Development programs


Currently the market offers many opportunities of safe driving training directed for fleet drivers. Training and development programs are an area in which the majority of companies both Polish and foreign invest. Our goal is to provide our Partners with effective training and development programs, which will translate to measurable effect in terms of fewer accidents, collisions, car-park damage and reduction of fleet maintenance costs.


We know that every organization is unique and meets with a variety of situations and issues regarding the management of fleet safety. Therefore, each training and development program prepared by us is fully customized to the needs and expectations of our clients. The training program is created after a thorough analysis of customer needs that we realize through telephone interviews and meetings.


Our training and development programs are preventive in nature. We promote both defensive as well as ecological style of driving. Each program is a multi-step, comprehensive and complex project, consisting of:

  • an interactive theoretical workshop;
  • practical training in real traffic conditions;
  • e-learning;
  • after-training reports;
  • analysis of accidents and collisions;
  • identification of potential risk groups;
  • proposals for remedial action.


Practical trainings that we conduct take place in actual traffic conditions. Training takes place in cars, which serve the participants to perform daily occupational duties. The course of practical training is recorded by a system of micro-cameras. Interesting fragments are marked with special marker by the coach, and then thoroughly discussed with the participant of the program.


The result of our activities is a significant decrease (20% -70%) in number of accidents, collisions and car-park damage. Thanks to that we not only increase the safety of fleet drivers of our partners, but also optimize the costs associated with maintaining the fleet. Additionally, participants receive materials prepared for each of the project, which contain not only a summary of basic knowledge but also additional issues. We want to provide as high effectiveness of the training as possible that’s why we offer an annual supplemental e-learning program.