Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a course oriented to prevent. It was implemented by Safe Drive Polska firm in 2005 onto polish market. Over 7000 drivers took part in this program  between 2005 and 2015.

Defensive driving is about achieving the highest level of safety on the road. Modes that are used to score the goal are relevant observation techniques, intelligent anticipation and forestalling the dangerous situations on the road. Thanks to those aspects the driver adjusts the speed to the weather conditions and keeps the distance from the potential threats.

We offer three learning modules specifying the drivers profile in different configurations.


It is supported with notebooks with professional training software. Participants do knowledge verifying tests (safe driving and highway rules) and tasks that check their reaction time. Results are saved in the internet system – SDSpace Platform. The workshop is provided in an interactive form – the participants are encouraged to discuss and analyze the material among the group. Presented graphics, videos and essential material is chosen in order to keep the participants focused and curious throughout all course time. Moreover, during the workshop accident and collision analyzes take place.

MONITORED DRIVE in real traffic conditions

It takes place in clients firm cars. There are two people in the car – the driver and the coach. Drive is  registered by camera and drivers reactions are marked on a special report card. Drive ends with a developing speech based on previously recorded material and marks from the report card. Summary and score from the ride can be generated in report form on SDSpace Platform.


Our firm offers ON-LINE  courses whose are a connection of modern technology and specialized knowledge. Usually there are 12 courses with tests and one exam at the end. They are made to help in developing of proper driver habits in safe and eco driving.


Reports are made to present the drivers profile and they check the potential risk which driver generates while attending the traffic. Because of that, it is possible to plan the preventive actions in order to minimalize the risk in the future.

Scores from the courses are imported to the SDSpace Platform:

  • Participants do tests during multimedia workshops
  • There is information from report cards from monitored driving
  • There are e-learning scores available

Reports are generated:

  • Group and individual – for managers responsible for car fleet and safety of drivers
  • Individual – for participants of courses