Certificated Senior Driver

The program is addressed to candidates for the position of a Senior Driver. It was developed to fully prepare participants for independent verification of their competence and skills in safe driving.

Workshops consist of a three-day conference. Future Senior Drivers are learning assessment procedures for employees on the account of driving safely. At the last conference participants conduct a test drive and practice providing feedback. By the end of the completed workshop program the participants receive a certificate.

Senior Driver Workshop objectives:

The acquisition of practical skills:

• Conducting test drives for fleet drives;
• Conducting training on the basic principles of road safety and defensive driving;
• Saving  on the evaluation cards the data and information which emerged during the training;
• Staff evaluation and providing feedback;
• Preparing of evaluation and analysis for a superior at work;
• Acquisition of systemized knowledge on road safety.


You can also match the subject matter and duration of the workshop for your organization.