Advising fleet

Consulting is becoming a standard step for everyone who wants to keep pace with rapid economic changes and achieve success in the market. Projects aiming at  employees’ development in the area of safe and economic use of company cars result in improvement of global security in road traffic and optimization of fleet maintaining costs.

We offer  the following services:


  • examination of fleet safety level
  • support in the creation of fleet policy
  • assistance in the creation of fleet documents


  • recruitment
  • verification
  • actions after collision/accident


Knowledge of the global fleet safety level in the company is a basic knowledge which is indispensable for a strategic planning of company development in this area. We participate in creation of those strategic plans mainly by delivery of reliable, objective information about the level of risk and places of their occurrence. After the diagnosis of development areas we recommend the most suitable corrective actions.


Manager who is responsible for his fleet should  have knowledge of how vehicles will be used. For each fleet menager such knowledge is the starting point for planning the future development of the individual driver. Before offering people an employment it is necessary to determine the quality / style of driving and the level of knowledge on the subject. We suggest actions aimed at mobilizing the future drivers for safe and economic use of the entrusted vehicle.


During the work, by observed driving, we define the strengths and areas of development of individual users of company cars.

In the reports, which we prepare after such drives, we recommend:

  • measures to maintain the achieved high level of safety in road traffic;
  • corrective actions to minimize the level of risk generated by driver.


After obtaining a necessary data we analyze traffic incident in the form of Power Point presentations. The purpose of the analysis is to answer the question: What to do to minimize the risk of occurring of similar situation? The presentation is the property of the company and it is used during internal meetings and trainings.

We provide individual training with the participant of collision / accident. The goal is to determine together with the driver the critical elements of the event and the potential moments where he might have taken the preventive action.

A fleet consists of individual drivers – users of company cars. If they are safe, the fleet is safe too. The strength of the chain is the strength of its weakest link. We help you find and strengthen this link.