About Us

We are an international training-consultative company, which creates and implements expert programs are designed to improve safety of company cars users and reducing the costs of car fleet maintenance. Our programs have proven to reduce the quantity of dangerous traffic incidents by 20-70%.

We have been active on the Polish market since year 2005, our company was the first one to introduce the comprehensive Defensive Driving program, stressing the preventive nature of the training and development projects aimed at car fleet drivers. We are also the first company to make an compendious evaluation of the risk caused by drivers in road traffic, when the risk is high we offer a dedicated repair plan.

We offer fleet managers a specialized system created to report results and progress in the training available through an Internet platform. We treat every client individually, we create a unique approach taking into account a specificity of a given fleet. Our experience taught us, that only complex and systematic actions result in tangible benefits for our partners. The educational projects offered by our company, directed to fleet drivers, are long-term and multi-stage programs, motivating drivers to change their behavior and in result making  weak drivers good and good drivers even better.