To ensures the professionalism and integrity of our services we work with a team of dedicated trainers, who for many years have been designing and implementing modern, verified solutions in the field of Human Resources Management, now including also the fleet.

 Our team is formed by professionals with great experience built successively for many years by working with many Polish and foreign companies. Our trainers are extensively prepared on every level for teaching defensive driving, driving ecologically and shaping correct behaviors while driving in city traffic. Higher technical and pedagogical education along with knowledge of methods of teaching adults, and many years of experience teaching workshops, results in great effects. Our staffs' long-term training and advisory work is based also on the experience of our specialized members of the team, such as an expert witness for the powers of traffic and automotive technology, a driving examiner and a lecturer in traffic law and an instructor specialized in driving technique improvement .


Andrzej Jarubas

He graduated from The University of Physical Education in Cracow and worked there for many years as a scientific worker. He is a methodologist of road traffic, driving instructor and coach leading lectures on defensive driving and communication. Automotive is his passion. Since ten years he has been Safe Drive Polska coach and has been developing our firm from essential side. He leads advising and learning projects  individually or with team. Most of them were dedicated to the firms from automotive, oil and FMCG industry.

Jerzy Smagała

He graduated from Cracow University of Technology. He is a driving instructor and he teaches driving technics. His passion are automotive and auto racing. He is having R1 level racing license since 2011. He is the 2015 Champion of Peugeot&Citroen Cup.

Mirosław Bartuś

He is a driving instructor, CSR advisor in PARP database and he teaches driving technics. He has a great contact with participants of courses and he uses his experience to learn them efficiently. He used to be a teammate of racing team. He is interested in motorsport, automotive technologies. And everything that has an engine and is worth a glimpse.

Paweł Janicki

He graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. At present he is a driving instructor and he taches driving technics. Moreover, he is a passionate of motorsports and classic automotive.

Tadeusz Ślusarz

He graduated from Cracow University of Technology, Police Academy in Szczytno and Pedagogical University of Cracow. At present he is a driving instructor and he taches driving technics. What is more, he works as an examiner in MORD in Cracow. He used to be the person responsible for accident analyzes.

Joanna Piechaczek

She graduated from Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow. She has been working as sales and marketing executive for seven years in Safe Drive Polska. She took part in many marketing courses and now she is concerned about building a good contact with clients. Her keyword is “Client”. She knows how to motivate and encourage people to overcome difficulties and learns them that nothing is impossible. Her hobbies are floating and mountain trekking.